Cooking With Poo

I Cooked With Poo and I Liked it!

Hey everyone! Long time no write. So I’m in Chiang Mai just now, doing a wee six month trip around Southeast Asia. It’s pretty exciting, I know. When James and…


REVIEW: Ghillie Dhu Ceilidh Night

Friday night in Edinburgh. What are the options? You can go to the pub. You can go out for dinner. I suppose you could even go to the cinema. OR!…


7 Most Disappointing Foodie Experiences

When you dine out as much as I do it’s only natural to expect a few disappointments. While getting a crap kebab or a bog standard burger can be a…

Mumbai Mansion 1

REVIEW: Mumbai Mansion

250 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8DT, 0131 229 7173 The 2015 Edinburgh Festival is in full swing, and everywhere you go this month you’ll find plenty of pop-up restaurants and…

Cookies Cream (6)

REVIEW: Cookies Cream

If I said “vegetarian fine dining” you would probably raise an eyebrow. When I tell you it’s a vegetarian fine dining restaurant hidden down a back alley in Berlin, I’d…

La Petite Mort Thumb

REVIEW: La Petite Mort

La Petite Mort, 32 Valleyfield Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh EH3 9L, 0131 229 3693 I know this great little place in Edinburgh. Tucked along an unremarkable side-street near Bruntsfield Links, a…


Mango Madness

Forget the nightlife, the arts scene, the diverse culture and the huge number of networking opportunities for freelancers like me. One of the things I really missed during my six…

Road trip

Another Road Trip: Algarve to Berlin

Driving around Europe sounds sort of romantic, doesn’t it? When we bought our left hand drive car in the summer of 2012 we certainly thought so. Countless hours on French,…


Christmassy Weekend in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of my very favourite cities. Although I only lived there for six months, whenever I see photos of it I’m filled with home-sickness. When James and I…


Relaxing in Lloret de Mar

Today has been super duper relaxing and the perfect end to our three week journey, which ends tomorrow as we (hopefully) arrive in Valencia: our home for the next 5…

Where in the world am I eating?

May: Malaysia
June: Muscat, the Algarve and Edinburgh
July: Edinburgh and Valencia