REVIEW :: Tex Mex II

64 Thistle St,  Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH2 1EN
0131 260 9699

I’m still on my quest to find the best quesadilla in Edinburgh, and because I’ve heard so many good things about Tex Mex II (Number 1 restaurant on Urbanspoon, no less) I thought it should be only right that they were the next ones to come under judgement from my greedy pallette.

I also remember tasting their famous frozen margheritas at Edinburgh Foodies last year, and that left a very pleasant taste in my mouth (unfortunately I think cocktail drinking at lunchtime  is still frowned upon by society: boo society, you suck!)

We sat down and were given the lunch menu and the a la carte menu. The lunch menu has light tapa style bites for £3.95 a pop, or a bigger main dish for around the £5-£6 mark. We were a wee bit hungry so quickly settled on a large plate each. While we were making our decision, we nibbled on the complimentary popcorn: deliciously spiced, salty and peppery and garlicky. Our visit was worth it for the popcorn alone.

For some reason the lunch menu ommitted the fact that the quesadilla came with cheese, and it said something about it being topped with salad. I don’t want any of that muck ruining my cheesy meaty extravaganza, so I very politely confirmed that my quesadilla would have cheese on it, and requested no salad. Our cheery waiter said that was fine, but “no pudding for you!”

James ordered the chilli bowl, I had some and it was nice enough. I liked the addition of tortilla chips to dip into the yummy chilli, and the spring onion topping was refreshing too.

Chilli bowl

It pains me to say this, but my quesadilla wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. Perhaps I’m more used to the gooey messiness of an Illegal Jacks style gunge fest, but I just felt that there wasn’t quite enough cheese or flavour. I’m also not sure how I feel about the salsa, sour cream and guacamole being dobbed on top of it either.

Full marks for presentation, though!

I did very much like the jelly babies that came with the bill, and promptly stuffed them all in my gub. Our friendly waiter told us about one customer who swapped all of the heads, and then left them on the tip tray: er, pleasant.

So how do they rank with the quesadilla quest scoring?

Cheese: I was disappointed with the amount of cheese. I like my quesadillas to be positively oozing, whereas this was a rather healthy option with the cheese simply there to add a little bit of texture.

Toastedness: Perfectly toasted: not too crisp, and not at all soggy: there was a nice chargrill flavour there, too.

Meat: I forgot to order beef and so they gave me a default of chicken. Again it was okay, but nothing spectacular. Perhaps the meat could have done with a little more marinading.

Extras: I forewent the salad, but I did get a nice wee pile of rice that bulked out the meal. There was salsa, guacamole and sour cream which I had to scrape off my quesadilla so that I could distribute it the way that I wanted.

General yumminess: It was alright, but I’m not exactly champing at the bit to go back and have another.

Score: 8/10

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