Mrs. Cranston’s Famous Pie

I was going to post this earlier but then I didn’t. As usual I’m late to the party! 

Mrs Cranston and Chef David, Copyright Ian Jacobs Photography
Mrs Cranston and Chef David: Credit Ian Jacobs Photography

Cranston’s Restaurant, The Old Waverley Hotel, 43 Princes Street,  Edinburgh, EH2 2BY
0131 556 4648

This is where I admit that as well as being a Total Food Geek, I’m also a Major History Geek. It’s not very often that my love of history and yummy food come together, so I was pretty excited when The Edinburgh Collection invited me and some fellow bloggers along to The Old Waverley Hotel to try out one of Mrs Cranston’s pies.

This wouldn’t be too exciting, apart  from the fact that Mrs Cranston was going to be there in person:  and since she baked her last pie in 1870, I figured either I was going to meet a real life ghost or  get a lesson in Edinburgh’s colourful history.

Either was fine with me.

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REVIEW: La Cerise for Bite Magazine

La Cerise, 199-201 Great Junction Street,  Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 5LQ
0131 555 6065

This article was written for the May edition of Bite Magazine, the free mini-guide to eating and drinking in Edinburgh. You can pick up a copy from all good local deli’s and restaurants, for the rest of this month, or you can download a PDF from their website.

Summer is nearly here and to me that means one thing: ice cream! If you want the best

that Edinburgh has to offer, look no further than Great Junction Street; home to La Cerise

Martin and Claire have been churning out their artisan ice cream for four years now. Martin
has a background in dairy, and his passion for the product is obvious. At La Cerise, they
like to do things a little differently. “Most ice cream makers have a white base that they add
flavour to; whether that’s pistachio or strawberry” he explains, “but here at La Cerise we
always start from scratch with a focus on both texture and flavour.”

The result is full flavoured ice cream that actually tastes like the flavour it claims. My favourite
is the strawberry sherbert, packed with Fife strawberries; creamy, and singing with fruit, it’s
hard to believe that this yoghurt based treat is so low in fat. It’s also hard to believe that such
joyful ice cream is made in a basement kitchen in Leith.

“The best thing about making our own ice cream is that we can experiment with different
tastes and textures” enthuses Claire. For the Leith Festival a few years ago they created a
Crabbies ice cream: ginger, with popping candy to add sparkle. Every weekend the shop
closes while the two beaver away in the kitchen below, dreaming up new and exciting flavour

The indecisive among us can choose from a range of ice cream sundaes. Their creative
staff and customers have dreamt up most of the combinations. Make no bones about it, their
customers are loyal. “We have one couple who come up from the Borders once a week just to
see us” says Claire, proudly.

Unfortunately for nine to five-rs, La Cerise is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. You
can still sample their fabulous ice cream out of hours, as they supply to a select few local
eateries: The Beachhouse, Peter’s Yard, Loudon’s, and Bia Bistrot.

But if you ask me, this is ice cream worth pulling a sicky for.

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REVIEW: The Bon Vivant

The Bon Vivant, 55 Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DY
0131 225 3275

The first time I visited The Bon Vivant, it was for a quick birthday drink with my parents and James. James and I had booked a table at Café St Honore round the corner, but as soon as I saw the Bon Vivant’s food menu I was devastated that I had to leave.

All the way through my distinctly average meal I wished I was back in The Bon Vivant.

So when we were looking for a special place for a Monday night dinner, it was no wonder that The Bon Vivant crossed my mind.

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REVIEW: Tanjore

Tanjore, 6–8 Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9HX
0131 478 6518

When it comes to Indian restaurants, you’re spoiled for choice up Nicolson Square way. But while Kebab Mahal and the Mosque Kitchen have a definite place in the hearts of Edinburgh’s Spice lovin’ residents, if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat I have plenty of good things to say about Tanjore.

Tanjore  do a range of lunchtime tapas. Tapas and Indian food are two of my favourite things, and one of my favourite bandwagons. Speaking of bandwagons, I recently found out that a certain dynamic duo of the Edinburgh food blogging scene have composed a jingle about Indian tapas: look out for the viral video on a YouTube near you soon!

So on Good Friday I jumped in my car to meet my lovely boyfriend for a bite to eat: it’s what Jesus would have wanted, I’m sure. After a few cash machine mishaps,  we finally got our hands on some cold hard dough and wandered into the cosy South Indian café, not really sure what to expect.

The décor was nothing outstanding: typical canteen style. I almost rubbed my hands together with glee: this would be good. If I’ve learned one thing during my time as a food blogger, it’s that the blander the décor the scrummier the scran.

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