REVIEW: Lobster Shack North Berwick

Did I mention how much I love labradors?
The Lobster Shack, The Harbour, North Berwick, East Lothian, EH39 4JL
07910 620480

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is in full swing, meaning hundreds of tourists flocking to the city. The atmosphere is electric and everything is awesome. But if you want a day trip from Edinburgh, you could do worse than heading out to North Berwick…

The first time James and I drove into North Berwick, he turned to berate me.

“Why haven’t you told me about this place before?”

I shrugged my shoulders. Having lived in Edinburgh for all of my 26 years, I tend to forget there are some really great day trips from Edinburgh.

North Berwick has beautiful beaches. It has wine bars and restaurants. It has a big hill (called a ‘law’ in Lowland Scots, as it just kind of rises out of the ground with no surrounding hills nearby). But best of all, it has the Lobster Shack in the harbour. A food truck specialising in fishy delights. Half a lobster sets you back around £8.95, and comes with chips and salad.

After climbing up North Berwick Law and admiring the view, we traipsed back down again to the harbour wall to enjoy the sunshine.

James ordered the half grilled lobster, I decided to go for the smoked haddock and salmon fishcakes to see how the other scran measured up. They gave us our number and we took our seat at a rickety table by the pretty harbour, our hair whipping around our faces. It was a wee bit windy, you see. After a moderate wait (around 15 minutes: the food is all cooked fresh to order) our lobster and fishcakes were presented.

The fishcakes were alright; they weren’t as good as the ones that my mum makes, but they were still packed with flavour. Crispy fried on the outside, with a pleasant smokiness from the haddock. I wasn’t too keen on the sweet chilli sauce they were served with, it was a wee bitty too sweet for my liking. But really they were fine, I think I simply had food envy watching James tear into his lobster!

James getting tucked in at the Lobster Shack
James getting stuck in

The lobster was grilled to perfection: moist, juicy, and delicious, slathered in garlic butter and served with a side of chunky chips.  Personally I think there’s something magical about eating lobster this way. Something that says “screw you, Michelin Star eateries; I’m going to eat a frickin’ lobster with a plastic fork!”

I’ve been to the Lobster Shack twice now: on another visit, we had to eat in the car because it was pouring with rain. Again, there was something cool about it. Normally car eating is reserved for pasties and McDonalds burgers.  Although you might think it’s better to visit the Shack when it’s sunny, I beg to differ. When it’s sunny it gets too busy and the Lobster Shack is wee and can’t seem to cope with demand. Don’t be surprised if you’re told they’re not taking any orders for 45 minutes only to be turned away again an hour later.

But hey; we’re in Scotland. Muggy and rainy is what we do best. And if you have to eat your lobster supper in the car, who’s complaining?
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  1. I’ve been daydreaming about these little places around Edinburgh recently. I took a few train trips to crumbly Fife villages at weekends, but not as often as I should have. I’m definitely going to retire somewhere like that, sooner rather than later.

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