REVIEW: Eddie Rocket’s City Diner

In the evenings Galway comes alive with song, as the bustling pubs of the Latin Quarter fill up with locals and visitors alike. Sipping Guinness and listening to local bands seems like the best way to spend an evening in Galway, but unfortunately James and I were giving our livers a rest.

After ten days with my hard drinking parents and our crazy friends, four days being entertained by clients in Brighton, and a rather boozy evening in the Nag’s Head with Uncle Sean, we didn’t really fancy looking at bevvy again for a while.

In fact, we made a pledge: no booze til Porto. 

This meant that our evenings in Galway were quite the laid back affair, usually involving a dip in the hotel pool followed by a bit of telly watching in our lovely room. One evening we decided to venture out for a late dinner, circa 10pm: and ended up at Eddie Rockets.

Eddie Rockets is a chain of burger restaurants in Ireland, designed to look like American diners from the 1950’s. The neon lighting wasn’t conducive to good photos, but it did lend the place a certain atmosphere. The menu included a wide range of tasty looking diner snacks like chicken in a basket, quesadillas, and most importantly: burgers. We both went for the Smokestack burger, featuring smokey bacon, BBQ sauce, and applewood smoked cheddar.


The burgers arrived in a genius little paper holder thing that I personally believe should be rolled out to every gourmet burger chain in the UK. It meant you could eat your burger comfortably with your hands without worrying about filling slopping down your top, or getting your hands all greasy. It pretty much kept the filling where it should be, and made eating a clean and easy job.

As for the burger itself, bloody hell. I decided there and then that this was the best burger I’d ever eaten, and no one will change my mind on that count. I dream of the tangy cheese, the smoked bacon, the light and chewy bun. This was fast food well done, and sorry Wannaburger: Eddie Rockets does it better.

Then again, when I told my friend Martin (a Galwegian) that I went to Eddie Rockets he thought I was mental. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been starved for burgery goodness in Edinburgh? As far as I’m concerned this was more than your usual meat and cheese slapped between two buns: it was perfection. Their late night opening hours pleased me too!

I’m sure there are much higher brow restaurants in Galway, but if you’re travelling on a budget like we were and want something tasty, Eddie Rockets should be your first port of call.

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