What’s On at Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh This Winter

I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but I seriously love the festive season. I’ve got a pair of Rudolph slippers on right now and it’s still November. I also love it when restaurants hold special events. Events where the menu is a bit different, events where you can get together with friends old and new to enjoy something new.

So when Hard Rock Cafe (those of tasty ribs fame) got in touch to tell me about all of their upcoming events, I thought it would be nice to share it with all of you lovely people. They’ve got some excellent things coming up at the Edinburgh branch. Unfortunately I’ll miss most of them because I’ll be in Lisbon, but you guys go right ahead!


Hard Rock Cafe is an American company, and so to celebrate they’re bringing their pumpkin pie and turkey and all that good stuff over to Edinburgh (and LDN and Manchester) for a Thanksgiving feast. I’ve always wanted to go to a Thanksgiving party. Probably because it’s known as “the foodies holiday” and I’m a fat pie.

Thanksgiving Celebrations – 28 November
Timings: From 2pm
£15 per person for two courses


I think the weekend just before Christmas is my favourite, actually. There’s this weird electric feeling in the air, like the calm before the storm. This year Hard Rock Cafe are celebrating that weekend by giving families the chance to have Breakfast with Santa. Buffet breakfast, games with a party entertainer, and a visit from the big man in red.

21 and 22 December
Full English breakfast, party games and a visit from Santa
Timings: 9am
Children – £12.95
Adults – £9.95


What are you guys up to this New Year’s Eve? Would you like to stand on Princes Street in the freezing cold with all the tourists?

Or would you rather sit in the nice warm Hard Rock Cafe munching on a three-course meal with a glass of Prosecco? It’s a no brainer.

I think now is a good time to mention that in France, people spend New Year’s Eve in a restaurant. In France the more you eat on New Year’s Eve, the more prosperous you’ll be the next again year. And France and Scotland were allied for centuries. So really think about this one!


Superbowl parties are another big American event I’d love to get in on. Not because of the sport, I hate sport, but because of the food! And on 2 February 2014, Hard Rock Cafe Edinburgh will be showing ‘The Big Game’, “the un-missable spectacle that is the Super Bowl NFL Championship Game”. Come along, grab a Bud, some Chilli Nachos, and enjoy the half time performance.

2 February 2014
Watch the Super Bowl, NFL American football championship game
Further information to be announced soon!

If any of that tickles your deep fried pickle, you can find out more information on HRC’s website.

Will you be hitting up the cafe for any of these festive events? Let me know in the comments!

The Time I Tried to Break a Guinness World Record

underrun new site copy


On Wednesday night I signed up for a race called the Underrun. Over 2000 people were going, it was going to break a Guinness World Record, and I was going to get to run about in my underpants: something I’ve dreamed of doing since I saw the video for “What’s My Age Again?”

Unfortunately, I hate running. I hate all forms of exercise, but running is just the worst. It hurts my legs, it hurts my lungs, and when I do it I turn a fetching shade of neon pink all over. Even my forearms. Do we even have sweat glands in our forearms?

Needless to say, I don’t go running very often. However, the race was in four days time and I thought I better get at least one training session in. I wandered down to the Tagus Riverfront and really pushed myself, kicked the Blerch’s ass and collapsed in a red and sweaty heap at the end.

Mind you, this made me even more nervous. I don’t think I’ve ever ran one kilometer in my life, nevermind three, but still: I was ready.

Tagus Riverfront
The Tagus River: not a bad place to stretch the old legs

Sunday arrived, and after a few days of minimising my alcohol intake and eating fairly healthily, it was time. I chose out some nice matching undies so that I wouldn’t look like a scruff puff, and I put on some clothes that I would be happy to part with.

The race was for a homeless person’s charity, the idea being that everyone would wear winter clothes they don’t need anymore, stripping them off at the start of the race so that they could be donated to homeless folk. Obviously everyone had to bring a change of clothes for after the race too.

I was a bit stressed all weekend, wondering “will there be enough lockers for everyone’s bags? will someone have to go around picking up the crumpled clothes? How are they going to wash 2000 tops and 2000 pairs of trousers? WHAT IF I BECOME A MEME!?”

After climbing onto a crowded tram to Cais do Sodre, then struggling through two long tube journeys, we finally arrived at the Parque das Nações: a hyper modern bit of Lisbon which my parents absolutely adore. We managed to find an internet cafe to print our tickets off at, and then we wandered into the mall to find some baggy boxer shorts to protect James’s modesty.

We found some nice ones in H&M, but H&M in Lisbon isn’t as cheap as H&M in Edinburgh. Two pairs were 14 Euro 95, but hey: it was worth it to look good in the run, right? So James bought the pants and went to the toilets to put them on.

He took ages because the shop assistant hadn’t taken off the electronic tag and he didn’t think he’d have time to go back and get it taken off. We were already 10 minutes late for registration (which was at 3pm), and now one pair of his pricey undies had a hole in them and the other had an electronic ink tag stuck to them.

We hurried into the Parque, expecting to see signs and lots of people wandering around looking ridiculous. Nope. Hmm. We sort of power-walked around the area, expecting bits of the road to be blocked off for the run: again, nope. We finally managed to find the building where the race was set to start.

We were half an hour late at this point and we’d walked pretty much the whole route looking for the building. There were sure to be crowds, right?

Not exactly.

The sponsor trucks were just getting set up, and there was a handful of folk loitering with duffel bags. We asked one woman where to hand in our tickets, and she told us (in French) to go speak to the folk wearing the yellow jackets. So we spoke to them (in Portuguese, Spanish and English) and none of them seemed to have any idea what was going on.

We wandered about a bit more before realising there wasn’t going to be 2000 people. No records were being broken today. At first we thought “well we’ve paid good money to do this!” but when we saw just how few people had turned up we decided to sit on the steps opposite and see what was going to happen next.

Running in a stampede of half naked people= fine. Running in a group of 10? Let me get back to you on that one!

The stripping and the run were meant to take place at 4pm. At 5pm, a few lads and two lassies started to get undressed. There were literally 11 people in their underwear. Having worked in PR, I felt sorry for the sponsors more than anything: especially the folk who were dressed up as flashers handing out some dried apple crisps. Red Bull had sponsored the event too, and I’d hate to be the promo guy this morning answering questions about reach etc.

The final turnout, as posted on Underrun's Facebook page this morning
The final turnout, as posted on Underrun’s Facebook page this morning

Resigned, I pulled on my jeans and said to James “shall we go shopping?”

Walked into C&A: James’s underpants set off the alarm.

We went home.